About us

The Rotterdam City Archive is the public memory of Rotterdam and several surrounding municipalities. The extremely rich collection includes hundreds of thousands of prints, photographs, films, maps, sound recordings and more than 18 km paper records. As more information is stored only in digital form, we are one of the first archives in the Netherlands to build a so called E-depot.

The special and extensive collection of the Rotterdam City Archives may be accessed by anyone with a valid identification. Our staff are available for help.

Address for visitors     Hofdijk 651 - 3032 CG Rotterdam
Opening hours:           Tuesday till Friday 9.00 - 17.00
Postal address:           Postbus 71 - 3000 AB Rotterdam
Phone number:           +31 (0)10 267 55 55
Faxnumber:                +31 (0)10 267 55 56
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